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My name is Lina Rosé Saxtorph 

I am a self-taught artist and illustrator, born in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I have recently moved to Edinburgh to study performing arts, but I am equally as passionate about visual arts, wherein my strengths lie in watercolour and ink. I am always looking to better myself and further my skills as an artist, and have been working purposefully on this since 2013. 


I am very interested in archaeology and in my art, I take inspiration in the colourful history and mythology from cultures from around the world. You can visit the gallery and read about each art piece and their historic or mythological sources of inspiration.

In 2018 I had the pleasure of getting to exhibit my art as part of the publication of the book "De Unge Skaber" initiated by Elizabeth S. L. Holstein. Aside from private commissions, my current project is a comic book called Anepantla, a three-part story set in Pre-Hispanic Mexico in the Aztec Empire. Part one, Anepantla: I Regngudens Tempel, came out in Danish in March 2021 and can be ordered from: - part two, Anepantla: Under Regngudens Himmel is currently under way. 

In December 2022, Anepantla won the Claus Deleuran prize for best Danish Debut-Comic. I am beyond thrilled and honoured!

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